October 2014

System updates

The N6MRN repeaters are now maintained by the Mile High Radio Club in Idyllwild, Ca. For more information, please see the contact page.

December 24, 2007

Edom Hill Work Party


Tim and Stormy on the tower

New location for the N6MRN antennas


Running feedlines

N6MRN rack


July 8, 2007

July 1 gathering at Lake Hemet

in memory of John, K6JM

Group photo



Robert & Bud

Slim was here!











March 5, 2007

The Pine Cove II repeater is back on the air. The Micor came back to the garage for some attention and has been replaced with a set of Maxtracs. They seem to be working very nicely.

Still waiting for results from the Feb. test session in Anza. It sounds like they had a great turnout and made several new hams as well as a number of upgrades. More later!

November 8, 2006

Happy Birthday to Paul, AB6WU today!!! Don't know if it's polite to tell his age... er... try the square root of 6400!!

Congratuations Paul! Many more and thanks for all the help always.



November 6, 2006

Another trip to the Pine Cove 2 site to diagnose a receiver problem. Found a dead preamp... I guess in this case it would be a "de-amp", eh? Paul, AB6WU, again provided help/advice/labor and while I was fiddling with radios, he put a new coat of aluminum Rustoleum on the cabinet. It came out very nice!

The artist at work...

All finished! Er.. Thanks to Photoshop for the Logo...


November 2, 2006

It's official, our new callsign has been assigned. We'll start changing over the repeaters to the new call as we can get to them for reprogramming. Hmmm... now we need an N6MRN official logo. Here are a few ideas, first draft. I like the last one. Any comments?



October 29, 2006

Installed the Pine Cove II repeater in the outdoor cabinet with the help of Paul, AB6WU. Some work still needs to be done to complete the installation but it's up and running..





October 28, 2006

Moved the new outdoor cabinet to it's final location at the Pine Cove 2 site. Thanks Steve! Dang that thing is heavy! Should have it done and radios installed tomorrow. Pictures to follow...

Put a pre-amp on the Pine Cove 1 main receiver. Working well. Able to cover much more of Hwy. 74 from Hemet to Mountain Center with the new repeater and location. Here are a few snapshots of the cabinet...


P.S. A big thank you to Dave Turner, KG6UNY, of Dave Turner MotorSports who allowed me to use his milling machine to modify our Motorola Maxtrac radios. The mobile radios do not have enough heatsink to operate at repeater/link duty cycles. We have come up with a modification to add more heatsink area to the radios so they will operate reliably in that application. Basically it amounts to milling the existing aluminum heatsink on the top and bottom surfaces and then bolting several pieces of large aluminum angle metal to it. The addition of fans keeps everything cool enough to operate the transmitter for extended periods... You can see several of these modified radios in the pictures above.

Radio clamped in milling machine


Final product of machine work


Added heatsink material, ready for service!