About Us


Our Approach

Mile High Radio Club (MHRC) and Mountain Radio Network (MRN)

MHRC and MRN assists in providing the necessary engineering, repeaters, infrastructure, and radio communications for the local emergency response agencies and others during emergencies and special events.

Our Story

The repeaters in this system have always had emergency communications and public safety support as a primary purpose. From the beginning, we have been affiliated with the R.A.C.E.S. groups in the area and have provided communications support for a multitude of operations in the mountain region, including fires, floods, earthquakes, Red Flag patrols, and training/practice simulations. There is no membership required nor are there any dues or costs. The system is provided by us, to, and for the benefit of, the communities in this area. Although the system is not "private" or "closed", we do try to restrict access by locale. Since we are sharing several frequencies with other radio systems, we discourage out of area users that might interfere with co-channeled repeaters. Be a good neighbor, if you are a ham in our primary coverage area, you are welcome to use the system as it was intended. If you are not located nearby, there is probably another repeater that would serve you better.


MHRC Officers

President: Bill Tell KD6KTV

Vice President: Tom Pierce K8EBR

Membership: Roland Gaebert KE6NPN

Secretary: Christy Huss KG6AVU

Treasurer: BJ Brix KJ6IPX

MHRC Board Members


Theresa Brosnan KM6KLV

Ray Garza KM6BHJ

Tom Unwin WA6SSS